Animation Crossings

“The motivation behind these works is the need to expand creative animation expression by merging a wide range of genres, narratives contents, and cinematic styles. Each of the three film experiences is very different but each started with a common desire to make something creative and unique.”

- Michael John Kirk Walsh (Associate Chair-Art, Design & Media)


Animation Crossing, a collective animation work conceived and developed by Ina Conradi Chavez and Mark Chavez was held at the FILMGARDE Cineplex at BUGIS+ on 24 January 2013. Three distinctively animated films were featured, Le Phénomène Atmosphérique, Elysian Fields and Vengeance + Vengeance, with the first two in stereoscopic format which required 3D glasses.


Animation Crossings 01


Mindful of the guests’ busy schedules, the first screening started at 7pm and the other at 8pm. We were pleasantly surprised by the exquisitely designed pamphlet distributed at the usual level 5 ticketing booth. Kudos to the organizers for attention towards such details.


Animation Crossings 02

Animation Crossings 03


Le Phénomène Atmosphérique

All three films have their distinct unique way of bringing the audience in a cinematic imaginary journey. “Le Phénomène Atmosphérique”, the first film to be screen, is an abstract 3D animation painting that dances in 3D space. Playing with smoothing experimental music, Geometric shapes morphs into fluid volume, forming beautiful rhythmic color composition in 3D spaces, bringing audiences in a deep space journey.


Animation Crossings 04

Animation Crossings 05



The second film is “Elysian Fields”, a stereoscopic 3D animation film about a pilot’s dogfight that took place in the airspace above the sea. Using hyper realistic renders and rich sound designs, the film portrays the pilot’s state of mind by going in and out between the actual air chase and fragments of the pilot’s memories and imaginations. By interweaving between these dimensions, the film presents a surrealistic story about the pilot’s death, afterlife and resurrection.


Animation Crossings 06

Animation Crossings 07


The last film, “Vengeance + Vengeance” is a 3D animated short film about a female research scientist who manages to destroy a sinister cooperation that caused an entire city to be infected with mutants. Packed with action sequences, the story shows how the protagonist overcomes obstacles using her brute intelligence and sometimes raw violence. Initially intended as a research project exploring the possibilities of storytelling in film narratives, the film used real time CGI morphing technique to tell a story of how Science could possibly be the key to domination, with human’s life as a commodity to be toyed.

After the screening, guests were invited to a reception at The Joyden Hall at 7th level where they were treated with cheese and wine.


Animation Crossings 08

Animation Crossings 09


Although majority of the guests turn out for the first screening, most of them -  NTU Professors, alumni, and professionals from the local animation industry - enjoyed the networking session and most of them hung around till guests for the 2nd screening arrived.


Animation Crossings 10


We also got to speak to the two animators responsible for the awesome  Elysian Fields and Le Phénomène Atmosphérique, Davier and Joshua. When asked about future plans, both animators revealed that they will be embarking on their own studio titled Crave FX. We would definitely keep an eye on that.

All in all, Animation Crossing is a refreshing event demonstrating how the animation medium still has plenty of room to explore and experiment in terms of narrative. With all three films having different emphasis in their style and approach in storytelling, that the screening also exhibited the cinema’s ability to generate very different types of innovative content.