Not so tiny any more

Singapore - In just over six years, Tiny Island has grown from a small player to one of the leading lights in the 3D animation industry. Its shows have been broadcast on major television networks in the United States and won it international acclaim.

Last year, the firm won the inaugural Best 3D Animated Programme award for Ben 10 Destroy All Aliens at the Asian Television Awards and, just earlier this week, it snagged the best 3D animation honour at the Asia Image Apollo Awards. But it is its foray into what the 42-year-old CEO terms the “future-proof content” that will drive the company’s growth.

“If you create content just for the television or DVD market, it gets stuck there. But with new platforms, there are a lot less restrictions. We are partnering international players to produce 3D content for gadgets the world has never seen,” Mr Kwok said.

The company is currently in talks with media giants such as DreamWorks, Sony, Hasbro and Warner Bros. What landed Tiny Island in such a plum position was a gamble it took several years ago to make shows based on an emerging 3D technology that did not require glasses.

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