China-Wuhan 2012 World Students Digital Arts Exhibition Tree

After over a month of gathering submissions and two weeks of assessment by the judging panel, The winners for the Singapore leg of the China-Wuhan 2012 World Students Digital Arts Exhibition Tree (WAE3) have finally emerged! Congratulations to Shen Jiahui, 2012 ADM Animation Graduate.

Shen Jiahui represents the new wave of comics creation. As a student, her performance is remarkable. She is able to competently produce both animation and comic works And displays strong all round ability. Talent who can develope in multiple fields like her is exactly what the current industry needs. Her animation work “Family Dinner” stands out for its content. The theme of Family harmony is heartwarming. The use of a simple color palette instead of the usual full color presentation is fresh and original, and gives the work a unique character. The comic “Defence Against the Penguins” has a bold and original concept. The method of expression is light hearted and likeable. As a comic, the concept that “Penguins have conquered the humans” is outrageous- this is precisely what people in the creative circle should possess. The orientation of her work also possesses great market value.”

USA DreamWorks Animation based Singaporean animation creator Mr. Wong Hock Hian