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About Me: 
Yanyun graduated with first class honours in Bachelor of Fine Arts, majoring in digital animation and was awarded the Lee Kuan Yew Gold Medal Award. She was also a Nanyang Scholar at Nanyang Technological University where she studied. She attended the The Animation Workshop, Denmark and spent two months in Prague learning marionette construction and puppetry under puppet-maker and sculptor Miroslav Trejtnar. The eco-awareness game Jimmyfish, which she created and lead a team, has also been honored with the Jury Selection Award at the Japan Media Arts Festival 2012. Early in 2011, Yanyun interned at Studio Soi, Germany as a set builder for the upcoming film "The Gruffalo's Child". She was the "Resident Artist" at Hackerspace Singapore in 2009-2010. Yanyun is a full time freelancer. Her clients include , National University of Singapore, IDEO Singapore, Nexus Singapore, Shyalala, byFlo, Audi China, Audi Canada, Propellerfish, Proteus Technologies, Search Ventures and more to produce flash games, animations, trading card games, illustrations, UI for app and web layouts. She also contributes to the online magazine One Imperative, and does book layouts for wonderful writers, such as Peter Van De Kamp, Jeremy Fernando and Anila Angin. She works under the artist name Stick and Balloon, with her long time creature pal Sara Chong, and is establishing a dramatically illustrated ebook publishing named Delere Press, with writer-dictator Jeremy Fernando, who has been said to "make philosophy sexy". Yanyun is also an aspiring nomad. Island-escaping keeps her energized.
Artist Statement: 
Yanyun is an artist-in-residence at the Tembusu College, NUS, Singapore from February - November 2012, and is attending the M.A. in media philosophy and communications at European Graduate School, Saas Fee, Switzerland. She is the Creative Director of the Singapore Review of Books. She does a heap of things: illustration, animation, game design, set-building, user-interface design, corporate design, publishing, book layouts, project management, and a hunter for amazing teams to work on projects. She loves her job.
Professional Focus: 
2D Animator
Art/Creative Director
Interested in: 
Freelance / Consultancy
Collaborations / Ventures
Short Term Hire