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Ishaan Kumar

About Me: 
I'm from New Delhi, India. I love metal, animation, illustration. Looking to switch jobs so any help would be appreciated!
Artist Statement: 
I am from New Delhi, India and have been based in Singapore for nearly 4 years. Over these last 4 years I have gained experience as an animator/illustrator, both through my education at New York University and through my subsequent professional exposure. I graduated from NYU with an MFA degree in Animation & Digital Arts in 2011. Over the past 2 years, I have had the opportunity of working on various projects, both local and based overseas, including the BBC World News talk show Mishal Husain Meets. I have worked with people from diverse backgrounds and cultures and this has enabled me to grow as both an individual and an artist. I believe that animation and drawing are both ways for one to express inner emotions in tandem with one's environment and the world. In that respect one should also not be constrained by any one form of the arts. Especially in animation, the idea and story that one wants to convey should dictate the artistic direction chosen. It is the reason why I have not limited myself only to one style and can animate in both 2D (drawn,rigged,cutout,stop-motion) and 3D CG styles. I am prepared to take up any kind of challenge in animation and the fact that my thesis film was animated entirely using CG metaballs, a sparingly-used technique, bears testimony to that aspect. My goal is to not just animate for the sake of motion, but to ensure that every movement and every pose communicates the story and defines a character.
Professional Focus: 
2D Animator
Concept Artist
Interested in: 
Full Time Hire